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Who Are Our

E-commerce businesses in the beauty, nutrition, candy, jewelry, motor cycle, and health niches.

Why Hire Us

You’ll get thousands of new customers and sales each month.

We Lead from the Front

I had a meeting with a prospective e-commerce client who was getting majority of his sales from Google ads.

He was intrigued by the prospect of having a second channel beyond Google ads.

After asking dozens of questions about his market, his bestsellers, his customers, and the competition, I showed him the results we got for another client.

The prospect was impressed and asked “Raheem, that’s really good but do you think you can get results like that for us?”

I responded, “based on what you told me about your market and your products, it looks very promising.”

After several moments of silence he said “Okay, let’s give it a try for a month and see how it goes.”

Within a few weeks I sent him the results and he responded with one word “wow!”

Case Studies